Watch TV on Android Mobile Phone Absolutely free

Now these days everyone has their own smart phone. So in this post of mobile tricks I am going to give you a free  Android mobile trick to watch TV Online for free. Some of the basic Android apps for TV channels were about websites having embedded YouTube videos to watch, it was not live and you must need Flash player which is not supported by all the android versions and devices. It was just like cheap experience of watching YouTube videos.
But now, new apps are really good to watch Indian TV channels on mobile phones, specially Hindi TV channels.There are two apps on Android market place that can be installed to watch Indian televisions on your Android phone.
For Watching TV channels on these apps you need 2G/3G or Wi-Fi connection, I use Wi-Fi connection.
First Application is "nexGTv"
I have installed nexGTv since one month, I use it sometimes, it can detect your mobile and decides which quality of the video is better to serve. For high-end device it serves HD quality and for normal devices it serves normal video quality. This app is regularly updated. When I had installed this app Sony TV was not in channels list but now it has. nexGTv  also have many regional channels. You can easily enable or disable TV channels, and drag to change position of a channel to set your favorite channels first in the queue. You also can set event reminders for your favorite upcoming programs. Some other notable features of this app are movies section and TV channel replay.
This is a list of some of the channels you can watch using this app:
Sony TV
Sony Mix
Star Plus
Star Utsav
Life Ok
NDTV Goodtimes
Channel V
Aaj Tak
NDTV India
Star Pravah
India TV
Raj TV
DD National
TV 9
Fashion TV
CNBC Awaaz
9X M
BBC World
This app is completely free at this time but some times video ads will play when you start this app or watch a TV channel.
This app has some issues as you can not watch continuously TV on this app because you will be automatically disconnected from the TV server, you can try again to watch the TV and this may work fine.

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How To Save Your Smartphone from Battery Killing Applications

In these days everyone of us using SMART Phone. We are using Smart phones because they are providing lots of applications. Android is one of the latest operating system in mobile with lots of free and paid applications.
But during the use of these applications the battery of every smart phone gets down very soon. So in this post of mobile trick I am going to gives you some tricks with the help of these mobile tricks you can increase your battery life.
5 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone’s Battery

1. Go Easy on Ad-Supported Apps
 Most of the applications constantly connect and reload, which is a major hit to your battery life. Not all free apps have ads; and not all paid apps are ad free. But you can count on any ad-supported app to be a major drain on your battery, especially if it’s using location-tracking to personalize the content.

2. Beware of Apps that Use Too Many Internal Features
Ads are a particular example, but any app that uses a lot of the ‘internals’ of your phone will suck the juice right out of it. As we’ve said, GPS and other location services are a major concern, but it also goes for vibration alerts, WiFi, Bluetooth, and sensors (accelerometer, compass, etc.)

3. Don’t Allow Push Alerts
Email is great, Facebook is great, knowing the minute that there’s an update to your apps is great. Et cetera. After all, staying connected on a second-by-second basis is the reason you never let your smartphone out of your sight. Having said that, your battery might be drained twice as fast if you leave email push, social media, and/or app update notifications turned on.

4. Be Vigilant about Apps Mess with Your Display
Apps and app settings that adjust the brightness and timeout of the screen could be costing you juice. Obviously one of those bright flashlight apps is going to run your battery down, but also keep an eye on things like graphics-intensive games, e-readers, lock screen gadgets.

5. Monitor your Usage
I’ve been telling you all about apps that you should watch out for, but I’ll change course and recommend two essential types of apps that you should have installed: one to monitor your battery: ideally, with enough detail to let you know exactly what kinds of usage is most draining. And one to kill battery-sucking apps that keep running in the background. There are a few apps that do both quite well; Android users should take a look at Android Assistant(which, ironically, comes in an ad-sponsored trial version).
Beware of these factors and save your battery life for long period.

Download Torrent File on Android Mobile For Free

All of us use Torrent to download the files from the internet. Torrent is the best way to download any files. Now these days everyone has a Smartphone and we all know that how important is the smart phone and how important is it. At this time Android is the most popular OS in the market. So it is really essential to know in and out of your Android devices. Today I will be giving you a mobile trick on “how to download a torrent file on Android mobile or tablet using best Android torrent client. So without wasting much time I will explain you a simple and smart way to do this android mobile.

So lets start with this tutorial on android mobile trick. After performing these steps of this mobile trick you are able to download a torrent file on your Android device. There are two type of Android torrent apps are available, one is free application and other is paid one. It’s quite obvious that we all are interested in free Android torrent downloader rather than the paid one, right? so I will be covering Free through which this can be done.

1). First and for most you need to have “tTorrent Lite” app installed in your phone.

2). Once you have downloaded tTorrent Lite and installed it in your android mobile or tablet you need to download required torrent file, its obvious that without torrent file what will you download icon smile How To Download Torrents On Android Mobile Using Android Torrent Apps so do that first and save to your SD card or Phone memory.

3). Now open the app and browse the torrent file which you have download it.

4). Once the file is added click on the Download button and download will be start.

5). If you’re using Wi-Fi than you can also turn it on/off as per your requirements.

6). And you can also increase or decrease the download and upload speed.        

That’s it now you will be easily able to download this app on your android device.

How To Update Android In Samsung Galaxy S To Ice Cream Sandwhich

On October 19, 2011 when Google Launch much awaited version on Android which is Ice cream Sandwich. The ice cream Sandwich is the next biggest release in Android after the last Honeycomb version. In this article of Android mobile tricks, we are going to teach you “how to upgrade your Android previous version into Icecream Sandwhich” For Samsung Galaxy S.

You can only perform this action on to your Android mobile if you already rooted your Android Mobile. Read our previous Article on “How To Root Your Android Mobile In 5 Easy Steps”. If you still proceed without rooting the phone then you will get an error of the “Signature Verified failed”.

Now Step by step Guide to upgrade your Android version to Ice Cream Sandwich In Galaxy S :

1). To perform this mobile trick you have to download the Android 4.0 file from HERE.

2). Before proceeding to installation steps, you must Rooted your Android mobile. Read one of my previous post “Root Android Mobile In 5 Easy Steps

3). After this you have to import the Android 4.0 files on to your device. Do remember the location where you import.
4). Now disconnect your device from the PC and turn off your handset. Wait for few seconds and boot it into recovery mode.
5). For brining it into recovery mode, you need to press and hold ‘Volume_UP+Home+Power’ together. This will boot your device in CWM recovery mode.
6). Now follow the below procedure to wipe out the system, data and cache.
                 6.1)  Go to ‘Mounts and Storage’
                 6.2)  Now wipe out the system by selecting ‘Format/System’, press ‘Yes-Format’ on the next screen.
                 6.3). Similarly do it for Data and Cache.
7). Now select the option ‘Go Back’ to return back to recovery menu.

8). From here select ‘Install Zip from sd card’, post to this select ‘choose zip from sd card’. Now look for the Android files that you downloaded in the step 1.

9). This will flash the required files and your device will automatically reboot into recovery mode again. You now again have to follow the step 8 and this time Android 4.0 custom ROM will install.

10). When the installation gets finished, go back and reboot your device by selecting ‘reboot system now’

11). You have to be patient now, as your device will take 5 to 10 min to boot up properly. On rebooting your device will be ready with the ICS updates.

That’s all about this Android mobile trick. Perform this mobile trick to enjoy the charisma of Android 4.0 before its official lounch.

Enhancements you will get in Android 4.0:
1). Added Music2.apk
2). Touchscreen fix implented!
3). Updated Build.prop
4). Updated libraries
5). Made rom amazingly smooth and super fast!
6). Updated Android runtime
7). Added latest Android Market
8). New apps from Galaxy Nexus
9). Fixed RIL (CALL and SMS)
10). Updated kernel (ty bio)
11). Updated Settings

Free Airtel Gprs Trick 2012 For Mobile And PC

This time we are going to post a Free GPRS Trick or Proxy Trick for Airtel users. With the help of this GPRS Trick Airtel users can surf and Download unlimited data for this month that is for March 2012. This free Airtel gprs trick is working on both 2G and 3G.
All Airtel users can use this Aitel GPRS Trick on their mobile as well as on their PC.
Airtel Free Gprs Proxy:
To apply this GPRS Trick on your mobile phone you have to do the following setting changes in your mobile:

Firs of all goto Setting>>Connection Setting>>Option>>Create A New Profile:::

Profile Name           Freegprsmobiletricks
Port                             80

To use this Airtel Free GPRS Trick on your PC you have to follow the following steps:

1). First Connect Your Mobile To Pc Via APN ""

2). Then Start Your Mozilla Firefox Browser(recommended)

3). Then Follow The Procedure as shown in the screen shot below:
After clicking on the "option" button new window will be open as shown in the next screen shot

That's it about this trick. After applying these setting to your PC and mobile you are able to use free unlimited internet with airtel.

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