GPRS Trick To Use Free Internet On Vodafone

My latest GPRS hacking post to Vodafone Users. Today i am giving you new GPRS hack to get a free GPRS for the Vodafone. Nobody wants to pay money for what he/she uses. I am also a Vodafone User. Finally I have got a Full proof way to get free GPRS hack for all the Vodafone Users. This GPRS Hack has been tested on different mobiles and has been confirmed to be working. Still if anybody faces any problem regarding this GPRS hack please contact me and I will try to solve it as quickly as possible.

Followng are the Settings you require to configure on your Mobile for using this GPRS hack:
Account Name: Vodafone_gprs
User Name: (no need)
Pass: (no need)
Access Point Settings:
Proxy: Enabled
Proxy Address:
Proxy Port: 9401
Data Bearer: Packet Data
Bearer Settings:
Packet Data Access Point: portalnmms
Network type: IPV4
Authentication: normal
User Name: (no need)
Password: (no need)
*IF this settings for GPRS hack is not working then change the proxy port number to:-
Proxy Port: 9401
So apply this GPRS trick on your mobile to use internet freely at zero cost.


Anonymous said...

Hi.. Does it work 4 pc also.. nd r8 now am usin Apn as 'www' in karnataka circle... nd wat balance should i keep so dat 2 avoid unplanned deduction if it won't wrk..

Admin said...

Yes this on work for me on PC as well.And your balance should be Rs. 10 minimum.

Facebook tricks said...

WOW.. Nice one working for me in Delhi..

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