Mobile Tricks To Hide Files and Folders in NOKIA mobiles

Today i am going to gives you new mobile trick on Nokia Mobiles. If you have some personal data in you Mobile and you do not want to share it with other then hide your complete folder by using this mobile tricks.This trick is very easy to perform.To aplly this Mobile Tricks on your mobile you have to follow the following  steps for the tricks.
1.      First of all for this mobile tricks you have to  create a  folder .For example we are creating a folder name as TRICKS.
2.       Move the files to the folder TRICKS which you want to hide by using this mobile tricks
3.      Now we have to hide folder TRICKS  then we  just add an extension .jad after the folder name.Just take our example TRICKS becomes TRICKS.jad .
4.      Now create a Another folder in the same directory with the same folder name you created before.This folder extension should be .jar .For example TRICKS.jar .
5.      When you open the main directory the TRIKS.jar folder will be visible  but the TRICKS.jad folder will be hidden which contains your personal data.
6.      If you would like to make TRICKS.jad  as visible, delete your empty TRICKS.jar folder.
Thats all about this mobile tricks. Apply this mobile tricks on your mobile and secure your personal data from other user.


Anonymous said...

Owesome trick man..thanks for publishing it......Keep it up...

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