Mobile Tricks On How to recover lost password of Memory Card (MMC, micro SD)?

Some times you forgot the password of your memory card (MMC, micro SD) and due to this you lost the access to your data in the memory card. You struggle so much to get back your password. Today I am going to show with this mobile tricks that how to recover your lost password of memory card. This mobile Tricks basically works on Nokia mobiles phone.
This mobile trick is possible only if you have Nokia’s s60 phone (eg: 6600, 6610, N70,N73,E63,E71,N95)
The thing for this mobile trick  you have  to do is download and install “Fileexplorer” software.And then install this software into your mobile.
.After installing follow the steps:
1. Open FExplorer and access the c: drive.
2. There u will find a file named ‘mmcstore’
3. Rename the file to: ‘mmcstore.txt’
4. The file will now open in notepad
5. You will get your password written in the notepad file.Thats all you have to do for this mobile trick.
Note #1: I think only few s60 phones have microSD slots. so you got to get a MMC adapter (costs around Rs.50). fit your microSD card in it and insert the MMC in your mobile.
Note #2: If you Just want to format your card (without recovery of data), then just get a microSD card reader and format it.
What Else you can do with FExplorer??
How to reset the operator logo :
1) go to the following dir :
2) Delete any file in this directory
3) Restart the phone
Now your operator logo get change. So uses these mobile tricks and recovers your lost password and change your operator logo.


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Grate one trick. I lost my password with this trick i recover it back.

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