Send FAX With Android Mobile For Free

Today in this post of Mobile Tricks, I am going to give you a mobile trick basically for Android Users to send FAX with your mobile phone anywhere in the world. This mobile trick also works on all Smart Phone, because they provide this FAX application. 
 For this purpose you have to download and install an application known as Files Anywhere from Android Market. This Android application can be used to share your files with other devices.

When You Install Files Anywhere You Will Get:
When you install the application on your phone you will get a free account with 1000MB space. You can sign up for this account from the application itself.

Step By Step Guide How To Work With This Application:
This Mobile Trick can be performed in just Two Steps as given below:
1).The Android interface is totally similar to web interface so it’s very easy to work on it. Find the file in your phone and then, upload it to Files Anywhere and then choose to fax it from the remote files. As shown below in screen saver below:

2). To do this, select the file with the blue dot on the left hand side, then click on “more” in the bottom-right corner and choose “Fax“. Follow the prompts from there and wait for your confirmation to come through.


That’s it you done with this android mobile trick. FAX the file from your mobile FROM ANYWHERE...For more GPRS hacks and mobile tricks stay in touch with us..


Facebook tricks said...

Nice one trick for my new adroid set. Going to try this one.

Facebook tricks said...

Working for me...Now sending fax from home...Thankkkksss so much dear.

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