Mobile Trick To Hack Your Nokia Mobile

In this mobile trick, I am going to gives you a simple way to hack your Nokia mobile. Just follow the following trick to perform this hack on your Nokia mobile.
1.       To perform this mobile trick you have to download and Install the following application “CertUpdater.sisx”
2.       Sign in at CertHack.sis using your own Devcert.
3.  Install signed CertHack twice (!!!)
... Phone now hacked!

These are the steps which I have followed during successfully hacking my nokia E52...

1. Install certupdater.sis
2. Sign in and install certhack (if not work try cert hack 2)
Note : remember what you have used cert hack or cert hack 2 because after u reboot your phone you have to again install the same cert hack which you have installed before rebooting phone.
3. Run nokia named app newly installed in your phone (Phone will lag for while)
4. Now install rompatcher on your memory card
5. Before opening rompatcher copy the suitable installserver.exe to the following path>> c:sys/bin/
6. Now open rompatcher you will see 2 patches apply them


Note : First try cert hack if it did not work...Use Cert Hack 2


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