Turn Your Android Mobile Into WIFI Hotspot

Android operating system is the most famous one operating system in the market right now. One of my Facebook friend recently buy a new Android mobile phone and he wants to use his mobile as a wifi Hotspot. So here in this post of  mobile trick I am going to perform this action. To understand this mobile trick easily I use various sc reen shot at each step that will surly help out you.This mobile trick is only for the Android-based mobile phone owners:
Step 1: Open your MENU and click on the SETTING option.
Step 2: After this tap on WIRELESS AND NETWORK then scroll to the TETHERING &PORTABLE HOTSPOT as shown below in screen shot.
Step 3:  Now you have to check the box to activate the PORTABLE HOTSPOT and it will be visible on the WiFi enabled devices with phone's model name by default. The next steps are to provide the security to your wifi connection so that no third party cannot use your internet connection.

Step 4:  Go to Portable WiFi Hotspot Settings and select the Configuration option.

Step 5:  In Network SSID, give any name you wish to assign for your mobile hotspot so that it is easy for you to identify and also for others, if you are sharing it with other users.

Step 6: Choose Security as WPA2 PSK and set an appropriate password. Do not leave it Open. By open means the portable hotspot will be accessible by anyone without any need of password. Then hit Save button and return to the previous options.

There are number of widgets in the Android Market that will offer you HotSpot widgets to quickly enable and disable the mobile hotspot from your phone. We highly recommend all the users to set a custom password for their mobile hotspot in order to avoid any misuse by anyone. That’s it about this mobile trick.


Jimmy said...

Thanks for the trick..I am new one in Android..I tried many android application for wifi hotspot but never get a success but twith your trick i am successful.Thanks buddy.

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