How To Update Android In Samsung Galaxy S To Ice Cream Sandwhich

On October 19, 2011 when Google Launch much awaited version on Android which is Ice cream Sandwich. The ice cream Sandwich is the next biggest release in Android after the last Honeycomb version. In this article of Android mobile tricks, we are going to teach you “how to upgrade your Android previous version into Icecream Sandwhich” For Samsung Galaxy S.

You can only perform this action on to your Android mobile if you already rooted your Android Mobile. Read our previous Article on “How To Root Your Android Mobile In 5 Easy Steps”. If you still proceed without rooting the phone then you will get an error of the “Signature Verified failed”.

Now Step by step Guide to upgrade your Android version to Ice Cream Sandwich In Galaxy S :

1). To perform this mobile trick you have to download the Android 4.0 file from HERE.

2). Before proceeding to installation steps, you must Rooted your Android mobile. Read one of my previous post “Root Android Mobile In 5 Easy Steps

3). After this you have to import the Android 4.0 files on to your device. Do remember the location where you import.
4). Now disconnect your device from the PC and turn off your handset. Wait for few seconds and boot it into recovery mode.
5). For brining it into recovery mode, you need to press and hold ‘Volume_UP+Home+Power’ together. This will boot your device in CWM recovery mode.
6). Now follow the below procedure to wipe out the system, data and cache.
                 6.1)  Go to ‘Mounts and Storage’
                 6.2)  Now wipe out the system by selecting ‘Format/System’, press ‘Yes-Format’ on the next screen.
                 6.3). Similarly do it for Data and Cache.
7). Now select the option ‘Go Back’ to return back to recovery menu.

8). From here select ‘Install Zip from sd card’, post to this select ‘choose zip from sd card’. Now look for the Android files that you downloaded in the step 1.

9). This will flash the required files and your device will automatically reboot into recovery mode again. You now again have to follow the step 8 and this time Android 4.0 custom ROM will install.

10). When the installation gets finished, go back and reboot your device by selecting ‘reboot system now’

11). You have to be patient now, as your device will take 5 to 10 min to boot up properly. On rebooting your device will be ready with the ICS updates.

That’s all about this Android mobile trick. Perform this mobile trick to enjoy the charisma of Android 4.0 before its official lounch.

Enhancements you will get in Android 4.0:
1). Added Music2.apk
2). Touchscreen fix implented!
3). Updated Build.prop
4). Updated libraries
5). Made rom amazingly smooth and super fast!
6). Updated Android runtime
7). Added latest Android Market
8). New apps from Galaxy Nexus
9). Fixed RIL (CALL and SMS)
10). Updated kernel (ty bio)
11). Updated Settings


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