How To Save Your Smartphone from Battery Killing Applications

In these days everyone of us using SMART Phone. We are using Smart phones because they are providing lots of applications. Android is one of the latest operating system in mobile with lots of free and paid applications.
But during the use of these applications the battery of every smart phone gets down very soon. So in this post of mobile trick I am going to gives you some tricks with the help of these mobile tricks you can increase your battery life.
5 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone’s Battery

1. Go Easy on Ad-Supported Apps
 Most of the applications constantly connect and reload, which is a major hit to your battery life. Not all free apps have ads; and not all paid apps are ad free. But you can count on any ad-supported app to be a major drain on your battery, especially if it’s using location-tracking to personalize the content.

2. Beware of Apps that Use Too Many Internal Features
Ads are a particular example, but any app that uses a lot of the ‘internals’ of your phone will suck the juice right out of it. As we’ve said, GPS and other location services are a major concern, but it also goes for vibration alerts, WiFi, Bluetooth, and sensors (accelerometer, compass, etc.)

3. Don’t Allow Push Alerts
Email is great, Facebook is great, knowing the minute that there’s an update to your apps is great. Et cetera. After all, staying connected on a second-by-second basis is the reason you never let your smartphone out of your sight. Having said that, your battery might be drained twice as fast if you leave email push, social media, and/or app update notifications turned on.

4. Be Vigilant about Apps Mess with Your Display
Apps and app settings that adjust the brightness and timeout of the screen could be costing you juice. Obviously one of those bright flashlight apps is going to run your battery down, but also keep an eye on things like graphics-intensive games, e-readers, lock screen gadgets.

5. Monitor your Usage
I’ve been telling you all about apps that you should watch out for, but I’ll change course and recommend two essential types of apps that you should have installed: one to monitor your battery: ideally, with enough detail to let you know exactly what kinds of usage is most draining. And one to kill battery-sucking apps that keep running in the background. There are a few apps that do both quite well; Android users should take a look at Android Assistant(which, ironically, comes in an ad-sponsored trial version).
Beware of these factors and save your battery life for long period.


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My smart phone consume lots of battery ,I will apply these tricks to save my phone battery.

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